Say Hello To Nourished Hair With These Natural Hair Care Tips

Say Hello To Nourished Hair With These Natural Hair Care Tips

The feeling when someone compliments you for your impressive hair texture is beyond words. Of course, getting blessed with soft, shiny, and bouncy hair is everyone’s desire but do you know what plays a vital role behind longer, smoother & supple hair? It is none other than good nutrition & nothing else. How?

In this article, we have listed out different ways that will help you keep your hair nourished and healthy naturally.

What Is Nourishment For Hair?

Hair nourishment simply means providing our hairs with essential nutrients both internally & externally. In short, a healthy body is a key to healthy hair and this can be achieved by using the right hair products and providing enough nutrients to hair with a nutrient-rich diet. Proper nourishment eliminates the chances of breakage & further hair damage, leading to thick, stronger, and supple hair. Let’s explore how to nourish hair naturally.

Natural Ways To Nourish Your Hair

1. Detangling Before Showering Is the First Step -

Always remember to detangle your hair before you wash them. No matter what your hair texture is, a 60-seconds of detangling will keep them stronger. Wet hairs are more vulnerable to breakage and tangles in hair increase the chances more. So, always brush the knots out of your hair when it's dry. It will brush down the natural oils to the hair ends from the scalp and make them easily washable.

2. Hot Oil Massage Is A Must -

One of the best & natural ways to provide nourishment to your hair is with hot hair oil massage before washing hair. Massaging scalp and hair thoroughly with warm herbal oils at least twice a week will help lock essential moisture into the hair. Additionally, it will improve blood circulation to the scalp tissue, further nourishing hair follicles with rich nutrients. Olive oil or pure coconut oil is good for normal oily hairs while jojoba oil works well for very oily hair. People with dry hair should go with natural hair oils having ingredients like Brahmi, almond, etc.

3. Unique Shampoo For Unique Needs -

Choosing the right shampoo that addresses your unique hair needs is very important; no matter if your hair is frizzy, straight, oily, or normal. If you are unsure, Bathing Essentials can help you know your hair type. Always choose mild & natural hair shampoo to keep your scalp clean and avoid the blockage of your hair follicles. Avoid using sulfate-based shampoos. If you have normal hair, you need a shampoo that has nourishing agents like avocado, gooseberry, aloe vera, etc. For oily hairs, the shampoos should have ingredients like chamomile, green tea or tea tree oil, etc to prevent excess oil while for dry or damaged hairs, look for a moisturizing shampoo that has argan oil, biotin, or shea, etc. It helps prevent dandruff.

4. A Perfect Conditioner -

Always pick natural hair conditioners that work best for your unique hair concerns and leave your hair softer & shinier. Today, there is a wide range of customized hair conditioners available out there that you can choose by stating your hair goals. For normal hair, you need a conditioner that has ingredients like beetroot extract, milk protein, and herbal extracts to restore shine & strength. People with oily hair need a lighter conditioner to avoid greasy hair and should use ingredients like bhringraj, Vitamin C, and shea butter, etc. Dry hair needs a conditioner with moisturizing oils to repair the damage.

5. A Regular Detox Is Essential -

Regardless of your hair type, regular detoxification is essential to detox your hair of all the product buildup. Various styling products like hair gels, minerals in the water, and everyday pollution build-up on hair, causing dull & damaged hair. Using a detox shampoo will help clarify your scalp deeply. Deep conditioning is also essential.

6. Take Nutrient-Rich Diet -

If you are lacking certain nutrients in your diet, you may suffer hair loss & various hair issues like slower growth, split ends, etc. There are certain foods that you need to include in your diet to enhance overall hair texture and ensure proper nourishment for your hair. For example, zinc, iron, biotin, and other B vitamins, and omega-3 fats, etc. They prevent hair loss, nourish hair, and restore growth.

7. Sufficient Sleep & Stress Management -

The quality of sleep is one of the most determining factors for how much your hair follicles will get nourished. Ensure proper sleep. Going for a walk after dinner helps with your sleep. In addition to this, extreme stress can result in a variety of hair issues such as hair fall, premature greying, etc. It leads to malnourishment in your hair. Here, regular exercise & meditation can help reduce stress levels.

Benefits Of Hair Nourishment

  1. Smooth, softer, shinier & thicker hair
  2. No dandruff
  3. Reduced hair fall
  4. Longer hair with optimal rate of growing
  5. Healthy scalp with minimum scalp issues etc.

Healthy hair is difficult but not impossible to attain. Ensure proper nourishment to your hair and take care of it using the right & natural hair products.